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Who We are

Hand Crafted Products

We take pride in our craftsmanship. Each piece we produce is handcrafted in some way. Over the years, we have improved our craft to ensure we are always creating the best product out there. 

About the fabric

Designed in Canada

We love pops of colour and dramatic shades. The patterns we create or select are not typically found in the scrunchies or headwraps in the market. We make sure the designs we select will work best for the products we create. 

Learn our process

Family Owned Brand

Ok, now the real dish. I'm Nav and that's my hubs Manny. We love wearing suites and yes, I made those accessories. Manny is the reason I started sewing accessories in the first place. He is the back-bone of this business, while I'm the creative. 

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In my experience, small business owners always show their appreciation and I love that. Thanks, C+C for the handwritten note and extra gift.


My new scrunchies are game-changers. C+C incorporates spiral (corded) hair ties into their oversized scrunchies - giving a gentle yet powerful hold to your bun, pineapple, or ponytail while rocking beautiful patterns and luxurious materials.


I love oversized scrunchies and these are the most beautiful ones!


The craftsmanship in these hair pieces are impeccable. Plus, they’re handmade by a fellow Canadian curly girl.


Super stretchy, comfortable, and chic!!


Loving my C+C satin-lined toque #supportsmallbusiness


If you’re looking for an oversized scrunchie that not only looks gorgeous but won’t fall out, Crown + Collar is your go-to.


Love it and it's sitting on my wrist. I feel like Fashion baby.... Like is an understatement


Super stretchy and comfy to not squish down your curls.